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Yield Manager

The Yield Manager supports process engineers in electronics manufacturing to sustainably increase production yield and avoid failures.

Artificial intelligence acts as a virtual assistant that detects errors based on production data and historical events and suggests solutions to the engineers.

Control over production always lies with the engineers!

The concept

The basis of the yield manager is the engineers and specialists as well as the production data. This trains an artificial intelligence that monitors production in real time and sends warnings or suggested solutions to the engineers and technicians.


Your engineers

The specialist knowledge and experience of the engineers and technicians helps in training artificial intelligence. Control over production remains with the engineers!


Production data

The production data and machine data are analyzed in real time. Historical error cases are included.


AI assistance

The artificial intelligence warns of production failures or yield drops and predicts necessary system maintenance.

Case study of soldering

The data for the yield manager is based on the machines or the current key indicator. However, the production data of one system is sufficient for the introduction. The yield-manager introduction usally starts with the soldering process and yield after the final test. As the AI usage progresses, all other machines will be gradually integrated.

Example AI assistant

Possible problem detected

Soldering process: Peak temperature will no longer be reached in approx. 20 processes

Potential solution

  • Temperature sensor replacement

  • Product carrier repair

  • Soldering oven heater maintenance necessary

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