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The Yield Manager enables early detection of errors and the preventative avoidance of yield drops. Should an increased reject rate nevertheless occur, the problem can be solved more quickly and sustainably with the AI assistant, as the process engineers have a quick basis for decision-making based on production data and historical events.


Increase in production key performance indicators KPIs

The Yield Manager allows:

  • Cycle time increase of up to 30%

  • Increase in yield by >20%

  • Reduction in system downtimes by more than 50%

  • Task force duration after yield drops: 90% reduction!

Better conditions for process engineers

The yield manager acts as a virtual assistant to avoid stress

  • Support with decisions based on production data

  • Clear preparation of relevant data

  • Avoiding sudden drops in yield

  • Support with yield improvement

  • Faster and targeted optimization of production lines

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Predictable work for maintenance teams

The Yield Manager helps you plan maintenance based on system conditions through precise predictions. Maintenance intervals are no longer planned based on time intervals (weekly/monthly), but based on usage and wear. This eliminates the need for unplanned maintenance.

Unexcited production

Thanks to the yield manager, sudden failures, downtimes and panic reactions are a thing of the past. If problems arise, production employees are warned early on so that they can be resolved before quality or cycle time deviations occur.

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